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Shaft Locking Assemblies RECCA17B -Single Nut Clamping Device


The RECCA17B shaft locking assemblies consist of a taper inner ring with a clamping bolt and an outer ring. The outer ring is tightened against the inner ring by tightening the clamping bolt. These shaft locking elements use a single lock nut to apply clamping pressure, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly. The lock nut can be held in position by bending the tabs of the lock washers. The combination of the thin wall of the clamping cone and low wheel pressure allows for use with soft materials (such as aluminum) and small wheel diameters.

Features of the shaft locking assembly products:

Aligning the hub to the center of the shaft

Due to its size, this clamping element is ideal for short-cycle installation.

Easy mounting by means of clamping nuts

Designed for shafts from 15mm to 70mm in diameter.

Shaft Locking Assemblies Features RECCA 17B
Not self-centering Y
Min. radial dimensions Y
Rapid maintenance and assembly Y
Medium-to-low torque Y
Medium-to-high torque  
High torque  
Non self-locking Y
Shaft install tolerance H8
Hub install tolerance H8

Shaft Locking Assemblies 17B Can Be Interchanged with:

TOLLOK TLK250, Chiaravalli RCK55, SATI KLFF, COMPOMAC Conex H, Poggi CAL-I, KTR KTR125, RINGBLOK 1500, BIKON 5500SP, RINGSPANN RLK250, CHALLENGE 21, FENLOCK FLK250L, cross+moss CCE55          


What Are Recca Shaft locking Assemblies?

Recca shaft hub connection offers the latest in transmission connection technology.

Recca  Keyless Locking assemblies connect all types of drives to their respective shafts by means of frictional forces for torque and axial thrust load transmission. Precision tapered thrust cones within the clamping element create high pressure between the shaft and hub to securely hold pulleys, sprockets, gears, etc. The stresses on the hub and shaft are similar to a heavy pressure fit, but the actual stresses are easy to calculate, and the hub can always be easily removed without a damage to the shaft. All you need for assembly and disassembly is a torque wrench.

The shaft clamping element allows backlash-free precision torque transmission without the need for strict manufacturing tolerances of the mating parts. The simplified design results in reduced manufacturing costs and is easy to assemble and disassemble.

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