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Flexible Shaft Coupling - Jaw coupling, Nylon Sleeve Coupling, Rigid Coupling

What is a flexible shaft coupling?

Shaft misalignment can limit machine performance, cause over-wear, and often results in a premature failure. Flexible shaft coupling is designed to help protect against these problems by transmitting torques, as well as adjusting to the parallel, axial and angular misalignment. High-performance flexible shaft couplings also minimize vibration, reduce noise, and can protect drive shaft components from overload.

What types of  flexible shaft coupling can Recca Supply?

Flexible shaft couplings are capable of accommodating large misalignments in high-performance applications without high radial stress and are more efficient than rigid couplings for better performance. In addition, Recca Machinery offers a flexible shaft coupling that needs no lubrication, offering motion control applications a practically maintenance free Solutions.

Recca Machinery has started flexible shaft coupling production since from the year 2012. After many years’ experience, we have established a wide range of production line for Jaw Coupling(The elastic coupling), Tooth Coupling(Flexible coupling with steel hub and nylon enclosure), Rigid Coupling, which are widely used to various mechanical and hydraulic fields.

Recca Machinery not only supplies popular standard flexible shaft coupling items but also accepts OEM/ODM coupling production, with special dimensions, surface treatments, nylon enclosure and flexible elements in special colors and materials (polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber, hytrel)

Jaw Coupling

Recca Jaw couplings consist of two precision-machined metal hubs and an elastic gear ring (spider) which is resistant to oils, chemical agents, and heat.

Hubs are available in material of steel, aluminum, or cast iron.

Each hub is available in version “1” and “1a” (in standard or long hub “1b” version) which can accommodate different sizes of bores, leaving unchanged the performance and the technical features.

Standard Yellow Red Green elastic gear rings (spiders) are supplied and special types spiders are available to provide the right solution for each specific application


Toothed Gear Coupling/Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling

Recca toothed gear coupling consists of two symmetric steel hubs and one nylon enclosure ensuring connection and power transmission, which are commercial couplings for general purpose.

rigid coupling

Rigid Coupling

Rigid couplings have superior holding power and maintain alignment. Recca Machinery supplies one-piece rigid coupling with four clamping screws and two pieces of rigid coupling with eight clamping screws. One-piece couplers have superior holding power and maintain alignment. Split, two-piece couplers can be installed and removed without machine disassembly.