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Shaft Clamping Elements RECCA 22 – KLMM, RCK95, TLK500


RECCA 22 shaft clamping elements are similar to the design of the RECCA14 clamping discs but spaced farther apart from each other, the discs can be attached to multiple axes and can be used as rigid shaft couplings. These can be used to connect two identical shafts of identical diameters that are perfectly aligned or to produce a long shaft that is mounted in only two bearings. Torque capabilities are available for standard shafts. These units provide a zero-backlash shaft connection and have the advantage of quick assembly and disassembly. This design makes the unit equally suitable for both horizontal and vertical shafts and capable of withstanding high axial loads.

Shaft Clamping Elements Features RECCA 22
Not self-centering Y
Min. radial dimensions  
Rapid maintenance and assembly Y
Medium-to-low torque Y
Medium-to-high torque Y
High torque  
Non self-locking Y
Shaft install tolerance H8
Hub install tolerance H8

Shaft Clamping Elements RECCA22 Can Be Interchanged with:

SATI KLMM, Chiaravalli RCK95, Tollok TLK500, BEA BK95

RECCA Shaft Clamping Elements have a number of advantages:

Easy installation – the connection of the hub to the shaft is very simple and only requires a torque wrench.

Easy disassembly – Easy Requires a simple release by tightening the screw in the jack hole.

Simplified Manufacturing – Bores hubs in parallel to tolerances of H8 and up to H11 in some sizes.

Low cost assembly – Eliminates expensive machining of splines, keyways and setscrews.

Long fatigue life – Eliminates keys, which prevents failure due to rubbing or notching initiated cracks under torsional loads.

No axial positioning required – Hubs can be placed anywhere on the shaft and locked to withstand high axial loads.

High torque transmission – Most series will transmit torque equal to the shaft capacity and are a good choice for high torque transmission.Higher torque shaft clamping elements can be combined in one shaft/hub connections.

Small Diameter Shafts – Eliminating the keyway often allows smaller diameter shafts to be used in many applications.

Wear free – no moving parts means no wear. Shaft clamping assemblies can be frequency of tightening and loosening is not subject to wear.

Less maintenance – when properly assembled, the shaft clamping element requires no maintenance. Self locking action of most designs ensures that the torque is transmitted even when the screw is locked.The screws should vibrate loose during use.

True operation – Evenly distributed friction locking ensures no backlash and high concentricity.

Shaft remains unmarked – The shaft clamping element does not leave any markings on the shaft, ensuring easy handling during use.

Timing of the drive – Simple clamping and releasing allows for stepless angular positioning.

Overload protection – If the design load is exceeded, the clamping element will slip on the shaft, providing additional protection to other machining components.

Contamination Resistance – When fully clamped, the contact surfaces are pressed tightly together to prevent contamination.            

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