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Shrink Disc RECCA 14 – External Clamping Discs


What is a Sharink Disc Recca14?

The shrink disc RECCA14 is commonly referred to as clamping discs and used to clamp thin-walled hubs from the outside, locking them to the shaft. The design that allows the use of large diameter shafts with small hub sizes and is widely used for large sprockets and pulley connections. The design provides optimum concentricity and high torque transmission. In our catalog, one size unit can accommodate multiple shaft diameters, with the largest, smallest, and intermediate size shafts. It is shown in the table.

Recommended tolerances

Hub Outside Ø: h8

*Hub Bore: h8

*Shaft Ø: j6 below 30mmh6 30mm plus

Characters of three-part Shrink Disc

*Appropriate for heavy duty- transmit torques equivalent to shaft capacities, and for

higher torques clamping elements can be combined within one shaft/hubconnection.

*Convenient assembly – Hub to shaft connection is simple, only a torque wrench being required for correct assembly.

* Convenient disassembly – Just release of locking screws is all that is required on some series, others

require simple positive release by tightening screws in jacking holes.

*Widely used in hollow shafts, sliding gears, and couplings,etc and replace key connection in important occasions.

* Special custom design is available in Recca OEM service

Shrink Disc Features RECCA 14
Not self-centering Y
Min. radial dimensions  
Rapid maintenance and assembly Y
Medium-to-low torque  
Medium-to-high torque Y
High torque  
Non self-locking Y
Shaft install tolerance H8
Hub install tolerance H8

Shrink Disc RECCA 14 Can Be Interchanged with:

TOLLOK TLK603, BONFIX CCE8000,               Chiaravalli RCK19,             BEA BK19, SATI KLPP, COMPOMAC Conex SD, MAV 2008,              Poggi CAL-SD, KTR KTR603, RINGBLOK 2200, BIKON 1029.1, Ringfeder RFN4071, RINGSPANN RLK603, TSUBAKI SL, CHALLENGE 14, SKF FX190, FENLOCK FLK603, B-LOC SD10

Technical Specifications

1.Torque Mt – The transmitted torque depends on the friction factor between the shaft and hub, clearance and shaft diameter.

Friction Factor – All the torques in the Table are calculated when the friction factor between the shaft and hub is 0.15 (the friction factor between the dry steels withoutoil is 0.15~0.33). Otherwise, the transmitted torque will be changed. If thefriction factor is 0.12 between the shaft and hub with lubricant, the torque will be reduced correspondingly.


The matching tolrace ot the hub and main shaft are as flow accrlinoto dw:

dw18~30 H6/j6 dw31 ~50 H6/h6

dw51~80 H6/g6 dw81~500 H7/g6

The torque in the Table is calculated based upon the max clearance. If the actual clearance between the shaft and hub is more tight, the tansmitted torque will be increased and vice versa. (which means the torque will be decreased if the actual clearance is larger).

Diameter dw of the Shaft

The diameter dw of the shaft of the same- -size shrink discs might be different. For more details, please refer to the above Table. For the actual shaft diameter included by the two shrink discs sizes in the Table, the transmitted torque will be between the rated torque corresponding to the dw of the shafts.

Materials of Hub

The hub can be made of steel or ductile iron. The yielding strength of thematerials shall satisfy the safety application requirements.

If it is necessary to transmit bending moment (rotation bending), the torquand hub shall be made of heat-treat steel 42CrMo4, good-quality caststeel or ductile iron.

The gray cast iron can be used if the bending moment can be neglected.

Surface Quality

The surface roughness(Ra) of the shaft and hub shall be smaller than3.2p m.

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