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Keyless Locking Assembly RECCA06 – High Torque Solution


Keyless Locking Assembly RECCA06 Features

The Keyless locking assembly Recca 06 is similar to the Recca 04 product that it adds a distance ring to  prevent the axial movement of the hub during the process. Due to the increased friction between the element and the hub during the clamping process, the maximum torque is reduced, but the surface pressure is also reduced. This design can be mounted within the confines of the hub by providing a stepped hole to accommodate the flange.

Keyless Locking Assembly Features


Self-centering Y
Not self-centering  
Min. radial dimensions  
Rapid maintenance and assembly Y
Medium-to-low torque  
Medium-to-high torque  
High torque Y
Self-locking Y
Non self-locking  
Shaft install tolerance H8
Hub install tolerance H8

Keyless Locking Assembly RECCA06 Can Be Interchanged with:

TOLLOK TLK131, BONFIX CCE4500, Chiaravalli RCK71, BEA BK71, SATI KLDB, SIT Type 5B, COMPOMAC Conex E, MAV 6902, ITALBLOCK CN54/S, Poggi CAL-E, KINLOK LOK20B,                KTR KTR201, RINGBLOK 1300.2, BIKON 1006/7000B, Ringfeder RFN7013.1, RINGSPANN RLK131, VBLOK VK700.1, ECOLOC 7007, PETER GERWAH PSV2007.3, CHINA STANDARD Z13,        CHALLENGE 06

What is a Recca Keyless Locking Assembly?

Recca Keyless Locking assemblies offer the latest in transmission connection technology.

Recca  shaft locking assemblies connect all types of drives to their respective shafts by means of frictional forces for torque and axial thrust load transmission. Precision tapered thrust cones within the clamping element create high pressure between the shaft and hub to securely hold pulleys, sprockets, gears, etc. The stresses on the hub and shaft are similar to a heavy pressure fit, but the actual stresses are easy to calculate, and the hub can always be easily removed without a damage to the shaft. All you need for assembly and disassembly is a torque wrench.

The shaft clamping element allows backlash-free precision torque transmission without the need for strict manufacturing tolerances of the mating parts. The simplified design results in reduced manufacturing costs and is easy to assemble and disassemble.

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