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Clamping Power Lock RECCA 05 - Standard General Purpose


Clamping Power Lock Recca 05 Features

These clamping power lock are with very compact design, which enable to transmit medium torque. Their design guarantees excellent concentricity between hub and shaft without the need for any other positioning elements. During the clamping process, slight axial movement occurs between the hub and the shaft. These units can be fully installed in the hub, providing optimum safety and minimal axial length.

Clamping Power Lock Features RECCA 05
Self-centering Y
Not self-centering  
Min. radial dimensions  
Rapid maintenance and assembly Y
Medium-to-low torque  
Medium-to-high torque Y
High torque  
Self-locking Y
Non self-locking  
Shaft install tolerance H8
Hub install tolerance H8

Clamping Power Lock Recca 05 Can Be Interchanged with:

TOLLOK TLK132, BONFIX  CCE4100, Chiaravalli RCK13, BEA BK13, SATI KLAA, SIT Type 6,   COMPOMAC Conex DS,    MAV 1062, Poggi CAL-DS, KTR KTR203,       RINGBLOK 1710, BIKON 1003, Ringfeder RFN7013.0, RINGSPANN RLK132,      TAS -Schafer TAS 3003, VBLOK VK160, ECOLOC 7003, PETER GERWAH PSV2006, CHINA STANDARD Z3B, KANA 201, CHALLENGE 05, SKF FX50,FENLOCK  FLK132

What is A Clamping Power Lock?

Clamping power locks connect one or two components parts solidly to the drive shaft, which allows motion to be transmitted or to withstand an axial thrust. Friction connection enables gaps to be eliminated, thereby ensuring greater precision of the keyed components without requiring high precise tolerances. The thrust cones develop a pressure between the shaft and the hub by tightening clamping screws, which is capable of transmitting much higher torques than conventional keyway connection. The easy assembly and disassembly features give users many advantages, leading to further cost-saving. Suitable to connect any type of hub including flywheels, chain wheels, gears, levers, pulleys, eccentrics, couplings, etc.

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