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GEAR COUPLING- Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling


What Is a Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling?

Nylon sleeve gear coupling is a flexible coupling with good technical characteristics, high quality standards and budget costs. Typically, the nylon sleeve gear coupling consists of two symmetrical, precision-machined steel hubs and a nylon sleeve to ensure the connection and transmit motions. The two hubs are made of mild steel with a black oxide finish and each is fitted with a general gear outer ring. The hollow nylon sleeves are injection molded from high molecular weight. Specially made nylon sleeves offer additional benefits such as high thermal stability and resistance to lubricants and other chemical solutions. The double incremental curved teeth of both hubs are machined with a NC lathe to achieve excellent maintenance-free performance. At the same time, they compensate for angular and radial misalignment of the dynamic type, even under load. The special tooth geometry significantly reduces surface pressure and increases the durability and load capacity of the coupling while transmitting the same torque.Transfer capability.  The nylon sleeve is suitable for use in humid environments and the temperature it can accommodate between 20°C and +120°C with a maximum peak temperature of It can withstand up to +150°C, which makes the coupling ideally suited to tolerate harsh operating conditions.

Nylon Gear Coupling Features and Benifits

  • Compact design, reduced weight and moment of inertia
  • Constant-velocity movement
  • Noiseless running, elastic damping of shocks and vibrations
  • Resistance to the most common chemicals and to moderate heat, max 80°C
  • Self-lubricating, nonconductive and maintenance free
  • Reasonable price, easy to mount, suitable for multiple duties
  • Finished bore torlerance conforms to ISO H7, keyway width tolerance conforms to DIN6885/JS9
  • Taper bore and Inch bore are available according to request

How to install gear couplings?

  1. Fasten the two half-couplings to their respective shafts, making sure that their inner sides are connected properly with the end of shafts.
  2. Drive the sleeve onto the two half coupling hubs while adjusting the distance between them and
    aligning the two sides’ shafts.
  3. Assembly the two elements to connect to their suitable positions.
  4. Make sure that the sleeve is free to move axially before rotating the coupling,

What types of toothed gear couplings can Recca Supply?

Recca Machinery can supply gear coupling with two long hubs type , two short hubs type or one long hub + one short hub type. The hubs are made of steel with black oxiding and the nylon sleeve is white . We also accept custom service if you have a special request for material, surface treatment, or speical bore with keyway, etc.

Our laser engraving machines and package customization service can meet your specific typing and package needs of your flexible shaft coupler products.  

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