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What is a jaw coupling?

The Jaw Coupling is an incredibly versatile and robust solution for transferring torque between two shafts. The Jaw Coupling consists of two precision-machined metal hubs and a rubber spider that is resistant to oil, chemicals and heat. Each hub is available in “1” and “1a” versions (standard or long hub “1b” versions) to accommodate different sizes of bores, keeping the same performance and mechanical features. They offer a wide-range of operating conditions, can handle angular misalignment, can handle reaction forces due to a misalignment, can accommodate OD nice torque capacity, fine speed capacity, excellent chemical durability (depending on the spider), good shock absorption.

Jaw Coupling Features & Benifites

  • Applicable to various mechanical and hydraulic areas
  • Maintenance- -free by combing polyurethane and steel
  • Compensate for relative offset, buffer and damp vibrationsGood electric insulation
  • Convenient anxial plug-in assembly
  • Finish bore according to ISO fit H7, width of keyway according to DIN 6885/JS9.
  • Taper bore and Inch bore are available according to request

Jaw Coupler Spider Types and Features

Spider Color Yellow Red Green
Hardness 92 ShA 98 ShA 64 ShD
Working Temperature -40 °C- +80°C -40 °C- +90°C -40 °C- +110°C
  1. Good damping, average flexibility
  2. Suitable for all hub materials
  1. Transmission of high torques with average damping
  2. Recommended hub material: steel and casting iron
  1.  Significantly higher service life expectancy
  2. Very good temperature resistance
  3. Improved damping of vibrations
  4.  Transmission of very high torques with low damping
  5. Recommended hub material: steel and casting iron

Custom Your Jaw type couplings in Recca Machinery

We have a full series of standard jaw couplings to meet the various demands of the power transmission and precision machinery markets. But we know that sometimes it takes something special to get the job done. Recca machinery supplies custom service can produce custom jaw type couplings according to your drawings to meet your unique performance and material specifications.

Recca Machinery has the engineering and design capabilities to manufacture custom jaw spider coupling to meet your specific needs. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations.  We can customize a coupler to fit your needs. Our laser engraving machines and package customization service can meet your specific typing and package needs of your shaft coupler products.  


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