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RIGID COUPLING - Rgid Coupling Types: One piece and two-piece rigid coupling


What is a rigid coupling?

Rigid coupling is called muff coupling as well. It’s a kind of coupling that used to connect two shafts which are precisely in line. It’s only suitable for shafts in close alignment. Because there is no any flexible component in rigid couplings, a failure will happen if the shafts are not aligned. Rigid couplings serve as components for joining, timing or aligning of shafts rotating at a low speed and torque. It has nice performance when there is zero backlash needed.

Muff coupling types:

There are three types of rigid type couplings. Set screw type, one-piece type and two-piece type. One-piece couplers have superior holding power and maintain alignment. Split, two-piece couplers can be installed and removed without machine disassembly.

Rigid coupling applications:

Rigid couplers are widely used in a variety of industry field as one kind of most budget, convenient and basic coupling. For example, Conveyors/People Movers, Small Wind Power, X-Ray Machines – Medical Indexing, Food Processing, Lawn Mowers, Washing Machines, Exercise Equipment, Automatic Doors, and other high volume applications.

Advantages of muff coupling:

  • Extremely rigid connection
  • High torque possible
  • Wear and maintenance free
  • No relative motions between the shafts
  • Easy build a shaft alignment in misaligned systems
  • Assemblying or disassemblying of the coupling is possible without removing the position of the shafts

Disadvantages of muff couplings:

  • The force of misaligned parts by rigid couplers back into alignment may lead to early failures.
  • The problems of small amount of shaft misalignment can be eliminated by using flexible coupling.

Custom Your Rigid Couplers in Recca Machinery

We have a full series of standard rigid couplers to meet the various demands of the power transmission and precision machinery markets. But we know that sometimes it takes something special to get the job done. Recca machinery supplies custom service can produce custom couplings according to your drawings to meet your unique performance and material specifications.

Recca Machinery has the engineering and design capabilities to manufacture custom jaw spider coupling to meet your specific needs. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations.  We can customize a coupler to fit your needs. Our laser engraving machines and package customization service can meet your specific typing and package needs of your shaft coupler products.  


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