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Aluminium Pulley - TIMING BARS (MXL XL and L)


Aluminum Pulley and  Timing belt bars of  MXL XL and L tooth profile with pilot bore are popular products from Recca Machinery.  We are professional timing belt pulleys and bars manufacture and supplier in China,and have a aluminum pulley and timing bars stock to satisfy customer’s fast delivery request . We’ve started timing belt pulleys & bars production since the year 2006 and always met the rising demand of its customers. The standard timing bars are supplied with a small prebore so that they can be machined according to customers’ demand. Besides, taper bore is available. All Recca Pulleys & bars can be made of special materials, with heat and surface treatments according to customer specifications. 

Aluminum Pulley & Timing Belt bars of MXL XL L Features & Benefits 

  • Pilot bore timing belt idler pulleys with MXL XL L pitch are available in steel and aluminum of belt width of 1/8″ to 1″
  • Positive drive, no slip
  • Wide belt speed range
  • Wide load capacity range
  • Constant Speed

What types of Timing Belt Bars (aluminum pulley) can Recca supply?

MXL XL L Standard Timing Belt Bars
Type Pitch Teeth No.
MXL – 0.080″ 2.032 mm 10~110
XL – 1/5″ 5.08 mm 10~72
L – 3/8″ 9.525 mm 10~30

MXL XL L Toothed Bars are coded on the basis of:

– the number of teeth
– pitch, expressed by one or more letters

Bars 15MXL has:

– Tooth Number: 15 teeth
– Tooth Pitch: MXL = 2.032 mm

Custom Your MXL XL L Timing Bars In Recca

We have a full series of standard bars to meet the various demands of the power transmission and precision machinery markets. But we know that sometimes it takes something special to get the job done. Recca machinery supplies custom service can produce custom aluminum or steel MXL XL and L pitch Bars  according to your drawings to meet your unique performance and material specifications.

Recca Machinery has the engineering and design capabilities to manufacture custom timing bars to meet your specific needs. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations. Do you need a metric aperture? Do you want speical length? Do you need a non-standard teeth number? We can customize a bar to fit your needs. Our laser engraving machines and package customization service can meet your specific typing and package needs. 


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