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What is a split shaft collar?

Split Shaft collar is one type of shaft collars which is used for holding and positioning components on a shaft. The split shaft collar provides the same benefits as the single-piece collar, with additional benefits of flexibility and convenience. The split design is simple for installation and removal, reducing labour and downtime when adjusting, removing or replacing the collar. The two-piece collar uses the full seating torque of its forged screws to evenly distribute forces around the shaft’s circumference. These clamping forces allow the collar to have a holding force that is greater than that of one piece and set screw collars. 

It’s ideal for locking most bearings, gears, sprockets, and pulleys into position. They can also serve as mechanical stops, locators, bearing faces and stroke limiters used in power transmission, servo motors, and gearboxes, etc. Collar designs include those with set screws, clamp-style collars, and axial clamps which use a single nut and bolt around the shaft. Shaft collars are easy to install and disassemble. They serve as simple, yet vital machine components widely used in a variety of applications, such as automotive, oil and gas, food and beverage, packaging, printing, and robotics.

What types of Shaft Collar can Recca supply?

Recca Machinery supplies one-piece single split shaft collar, shaft collar with set screw (Solid shaft collar) and two-piece shaft collar(double split shaft locking collars) ranging from 1/8″ to 6″ and 3mm to 150mm that can satisfy customer’s different application need. Non-standard shaft collar OEM service is available by Recca Machinery.

How does the a split shaft collar work?

With an adjustable screw, the shaft collars can be safely tightened or loosened.
The screw on the shaft collar acts as a locking collar , and it works friction to hold the collar in place. The collar is convenient to work with and will not damage the shaft. The force on the shaft is evenly distributing through compression of the screw on the collar and creates almost twice the retaining force of a set screw collar. You should open the opening side with screw to fix the collar to the shaft
when you use the one piece shaft collar.

The split clamping collar can be removed or installed in place without having to remove other parts from the shaft. This is the advantage for two-piece design collars. This two-piece design provides a larger locking force than the single-piece clamps because all the force is transfer directly to the shaft. The two-piece screw clamps will provide force on two sides.

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