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Shaft Hub Locking Device RECCA 16 – High Torque Solution


Shaft Hub Locking Device RECCA 16 is consisted with three parts including inner ring, out ring and thrust ring. These locking device can provide medium to high torque and has features of rapid maintenance and assembly. Recca shaft hub locking devices are manufactured from carbon and heat treated alloy steels. In orderto improve corrosion resistance, all units are available in different grades of stainless steel (reduction of performances approx. 50%), as well as supplied with different surface coatings like zinc plating, nickel plating and phosphate treatment according to customer’s special request.

Shaft Hub Locking Device Features RECCA 16
Not self-centering Y
Min. radial dimensions  
Rapid maintenance and assembly Y
Medium-to-low torque Y
Medium-to-high torque  
High torque  
Self-locking Y
Non self-locking  
Shaft install tolerance H8
Hub install tolerance H8

Shaft Hub Locking Device RECCA 16 Can Be Interchanged with:


Shaft Hub Locking Devices Selection Guide

Transferred drive torque and axial thrust load: -.

The maximum effective torque Te generated by the maximum driving torque Tm and the maximum axial thrust Ft must always be less than the torque Mt shown in the table for cone clamping elements selection.

The maximum drive torque Tm must take into consideration any shock loads, as well as the maximum drive starting torque. If the maximum torque is not known, the rated drive torque Td can be estimated from the service factor in the following table, which is derived from the motor power P and the Shaft speed N r.p.m.

Drive Torque Td =   NM     Where P=Power KW

Max. Drive Torque Tm= SF x Td            d= Shaft Diameter mm

Maximum effective torque =  NM     Ft = Max. Axial Load N

                                                d  = Shaft Diameter mm

For correct selection for Shaft Hub Locking Devices

Torque Capacity M > Te(or Tm): and Axial Force Capacity F > Ft

Tilting or Bending Loads:-

Always endeavour to design location of shaft hub clamping element directly beneath line of driving force on hub, ie chain, V belt etc. If overhang of load or force occurs the torque capacity of the clamping element can be reduced.Under no circumstances should the resultant couple force on the clamping element exceed 0.25M.